Kohei Horikoshi has never shown too many deaths in his comic. One of the first to arrive in the timeline of the present was that of Sir Nighteye, a hero who accompanied us in the first part of the fourth season of My Hero Academia. But with the current story arc, the manga is moving towards darker atmospheres.

Twice died in the ranks of the villains, but some hits have recently come for the heroes too. In My Hero Academia We saw Crust die and other unnamed characters during Shigaraki's awakening. The ultimate enemy of this My Hero Academia saga However, he made another sacrifice, this time with your own hands.

In Chapter 281 of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki manages to get back on his feet and attack. Who tried to stop him was Gran Torino, the old master of All Might and Deku. However, the eldest suffered two attacks from Shigaraki: the first seriously injured his leg, the other left a fatal wound to his stomach. Given the age and the attack, it is It is difficult for Gran Torino to ever recover and his retrospect seems to confirm his death.

In these scenes we see Gran Torino hugging Nana Shimura after leaving her son. Past memories were hers Farewell to the world of My Hero Academia?

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