there sixth season of the anime My Hero Academia introduced the Hero Society to the horrors of war. The villains hit hard and emerged victorious in a fight that left professional heroes completely stripped down. But there is still hope for Japan, the young heroes who will lead the future.

My Hero Academia society is in chaos. Some of the best heroes are dead, while many others are currently unavailable due to serious injuries. If you count the professionals who decided to quit their role after the terrible war, the number of defenders of the Hero Society is really slim. However, the students of the hero academies are ready for it take the future into your own hands and lead the counteroffensive against the villains.

Deku and Bakugo fought valiantly against Tomura Shigaraki, while Ochaco Uraraka had to face Himiko Toga and take part in the rescue operations of civilians in danger. While the two boys are currently in the hospital, Uravity's hero career has changed to My Hero Academia.

This unconventional trio of Class 1-A wannabe heroes stars in the new Raw illustration shared on social media by Yoco Akiyama, responsible for the spin-off manga My Hero Academia: Team-Up Mission. Will Deku, Uravity and Dynamight be able to save the company of heroes?

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