My hero academia is one of the most popular series in recent years and wishes us a Merry Christmas with an illustration with Shota Aizawa. Let's see it together.

On the Instagram page of the work, a picture is shared that represents the hero eraser with a clothing never seen before. The image in question on the news below shows the teacher, Class 1-A coordinator wearing a dressed as Santa ClausIn addition, an inscription on the left side of the drawing announces the man's intention to "give gifts in a rational manner".

The wish of the My Hero Academia staff seems to have been Much appreciated by the fanssurprised at the sight of the apparently apathetic hero in these unusual clothes. Although the picture was only presented on the occasion of the Christmas season, many fans would be delighted to see Aizawa with these features in an episode dedicated to him that may reveal why he wore the red and white dress.

I remember it during theLatest arc of the manga Ereserhead has had the opportunity to hold its own alongside the numerous warriors who clash with the evil members of the worldUnion of Villain. The power he actually proved to be very useful in fighting Shigaraki, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like he will come out unscathed.

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I also leave you a message that we have a Christmas cosplay of Erza from Fairy Tail and another one that has a female Aizawa cosplay from My Hero Academia.

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