Dabi's big reveal in My Hero Academia 6x11 has severely destabilized hero society. Number One and Number Two were cornered by the words of the blue flame villain telling Japan the truth about them. That Heroes will know how to react to this brutal situation?

My Hero Academia 6x12 picks up shortly after hellish dance by Dabi. Endeavor is shocked to learn that his son Toya is still alive and has turned into a criminal. The flame hero can't even blink due to the discovery. The same goes for Deku, who was destroyed by the injuries he sustained after clashing with Shigaraki.

It seems that those present are about to fall under the blue flames of Dabi, but a great hero returns from the sky. On the battlefield sees best jeanist again, that he had only faked his death. With his threads he manages to give the heroes new hope.

At the same time, while Burnin is facing the Nomu, four Near High-Ends flee to help Shigaraki. Gigantomachia is also reinvigorated by Shigaraki's commands and almost manages to break free from Best Jeanist's captivity. As the hero seems to give in to these attacks, another hero returns. Lemillion has regained his powers Thanks to Eri's Quirk. Bakugo also joins the battle, going for his hero name Dynamight. Shoto and Deku, on the other hand, take care of Dabi while Gigantomachia falls victim to the drug the Class 1-A boys prescribed for him.

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