Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki got in touch, but sixth season of My Hero Academia is about to reach an incredible turning point. The greatest and most shocking of all revelations will hit the company of heroes.

In My Hero Academia 6x10 the War has come to One For All, where All For One attempted to take possession of the power once possessed by his younger brother and currently held by Izuku. However, thanks to the contribution of his predecessors, Deku managed to stay in control and emerge unscathed from his Quirk's dream world.

However, during Uravity fights with toga and Deku vs. Shigaraki, Gigantomachia eventually manages to reach its master, bringing with it the remaining components of the Union of Villains. In My Hero Academia 6x11 it will be Dabi who takes the limelight.

The villain with blue flames becomes the protagonist of one shocking revelation that somehow I'll touch number one Endeavour, his sidekick Hawks and his son Shoto Todoroki. The episode titled "Dabi Dance" will therefore see him as the author of a magnificent and psychedelic dance that will hit the society of heroes and shake their very foundations. What will he ever have discovered to destabilize Hero Society in this way?

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