After an introductory confrontation with the Big Three at Yuei High School, Grade 1-A students were given a challenging new challenge to battle their Section 1-B rivals. Divided into small groups, the would-be heroes must try to catch each other. As the My hero academia?

As expected, the fifth season of My Hero Academia is a complete success. L 'joint training Between Sections 1-A and 1-B of UA High School, spectators are thrilled to see for the first time the quirks and skills of the students in the class, which are considered secondary.

In the fourth episode of this new season, took on the first challenge, in which Tsuyu, Kaminari, Kirishima and the outsiders Shinso faced Ibara, Jurota, Hiryu and Tsuburaba Class 1-A excellent. During the 93rd episode, the challenge continues with the second round!

As expected from some screenshots on the internet that you can see at the end of the article, the second challenge will involve Yaoyorozu, Aoyama, Tokoyami and Hagakure who will have to deal with Comicman, Vantablack, Kendo and Komori. Which of the two groups will prevail? Will class 1-B be able to enter again? Situation of parity?

There is a giant statue of All Might! In the My Hero Academia art exhibition. All Time Low have revisited the first opening of My Hero Academia.

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