The pain of Mirko's injuries in My Hero Academia 365 caused Shigaraki to reflect on the past. This villain reasoning leads to the birth of an impenetrable monster that is ready wipe out the company of heroes. But like a bolt from the blue, a new hope falls from the sky.

THE genetic modifications of Tomura Shigaraki they had covered his body with hands and fingers like defensive armor. However, nullifying Eraserhead and Monoma's Quirks nullified his regenerative ability. The numerous accumulated damages and psychophysical stresses have led to a new turbulent form

Mirko is thrown away immediately. The same fate befalls Suneater and Nejire Hado. Only Mirio manages to dodge Shigaraki's attacks thanks to Permeation. If even Best Jeanist's defense web is torn as if it were a simple spider's web, that Desperation by Lemillion takes over.

However, at that very moment, Mandalay announces that it will soon disable the Flying Fortress's electromagnetic containment barrier. The heroes only have to last two seconds, which still seems infinite given the power of Shigaraki. It's Mirio's crazy idea to arrest the criminal. When Sir Nighteye's former student shows his ass to the enemy, he rushes to the battlefield society's last hope. Deku has arrived and in My Hero Academia 366 the final battle begins.

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