After reaching the Olympus of mangaka with his My hero academy, Kohei Horikoshi did not rest on his laurels, but knew how to innovate and improve his style. In chapter 355 of the manga, he demonstrates what a good and brilliant writer he is.

Knocked down with Endeavor, fell in Trap by All For One, Hawks is left alone to battle the sneaky Symbol of the Pure. Two insignificant pawns save him in My Hero Academia 355: Fumikage Tokoyami, with Kyoka Jiro on his back, rushes to his master's rescue for the second time.

However, the level of the two students is not yet high enough to keep up with All For One. With one of his brutal quirks, he severely injures Jiro, but for the sake of his classmates stop and fight.

As Jiro's frenzy increases, ultimately unleashing the full power of the sound in My Hero Academia, so does the author's pace. As you can see from the easter egg in the tweet at the end of the article, the panels dedicated to Jiro are no longer divided by a normal straight line, but by one Line simulating heroin heartbeat of class 1-A. The stronger Jiro's emotions grow, the higher the heartbeat. Finally, we see that the same lines are also depicted in Hawk's sword, a detail that leads us to suspect that Number Two's attack was enhanced by the Apprentice's Quirk.

This ingenious design choice shows just how much Horikoshi is now an experienced mangakaand depending on how brave Jiro is, who, despite being hurt and intimidated by the opponent, fights relentlessly for the good of his friends.

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