The manga of My hero academy Fans pondered a terrifying question: what if the hybrid? All For One - Tomura Shigaraki comes into possession of the New Order peculiarity from Star and Stripe?

Since the battle between All For One - Shigaraki and Star and Stripe began, we've been on the almost divine power possessed by the number one heroine of the United States. Fans have theorized that this fight could have a disastrous end: All For One steals the new order from the heroine. And by the end of Chapter 332, these theories seem close to being confirmed. Here you can see the end of the chapter of My Hero Academia in color.

Star and Stripe has used everything in their power and some of the America's Most Destructive Secret Weaponto try to eliminate the new threat Shigaraki poses. America's number one heroine and her team couldn't stop him, however. The battle boils down to a wild stalemate: Star and Stripe could kill the enemy, but sacrifice a pilot from their team.

This turns out to be a sacrifice that heroine number one does not want to make. That limit could cost you everything, because the last cartoon of the chapter shows All For One - Shigaraki, who finally manages to put Star and Stripe in the face, ready to activate his destructive quirk.

What could happen after that moment Completely change the stakes for the final battle by My Hero Academia. The first question is what will happen after that terrible moment between All For One and Star and Stripe. The bad guy is not allowed to completely dissolve her, at least not before stealing her quirk and that could be the condition for security.

But since Shigaraki touches her, maybe she can too use New Order one last time to completely reverse the situation. Star and Stripe could die, but with a few words New Order could also keep it out of the hands of All For One - Shigaraki or limit its power in some way, maybe manage to rewrite the rules of the villain's power.

But if the enemy made it, face and mouth off Star and stripes, the latter would not be able to pronounce the rule and name to use its peculiarity. For the protagonists, this would be the worst case of all, because thanks to the spoilers of Chapter 333 of My Hero Academia, you can move forward a little.

Many My Hero Academia fans wonder how Izuku Midoriya could win one final fight against All For One - Shigaraki in possession of the New Order. However, there are still solutions for Deku to be able to win in the worst case scenario.

After all, this story is all about the fact that Izuku went from powerlessness to multiple rulers and turned a lonely life into a circle of friends and comrades in arms who would die for him. All For One - Shigaraki may really need the new order to fit the power of the entire Class 1-A team, maybe even reinforced by a new force from One For All?

We remind you that Chapter 332 of My Hero Academia is available on Manga Plus.

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