Kohei Horikoshi hasn't given the hero a breather lately. In Japan the situation is serious, however even in the rest of the world of My Hero Academia, they don't smile. However, there are those who wanted to get to the origin of evil, such as the American heroine whom the mangaka has presented for several chapters.

Stars and Stripes' entry into the manga coincided with the start of a breathtaking battle in the sky. However, the development of Shigaraki has made things even more difficult and now the battle is about to culminate with the My Hero Academia 332 spoilers.

The chapter begins with a flashback of stars training in a military camp. The other cadets mock her for not being able to get stronger physically, and in some captions she talks about the limits of the New Order's quirks. I am in the present Tiamat missiles are coming. One of the pilots asks Stars if he can touch her and she confirms, but she has to let go of the laser rule. Then he asks her to force Shigaraki to stand still.

Shigaraki realizes that the laser won't be the last attack as it manages to regenerate from those hits. He realizes something else is coming and decides to bet while Star starts a countdown. As soon as the laser rule ends, he picks up the missiles and gives them an order. A black figure leaps into the sky, but the pilots start firing. Meanwhile, the rockets are rotated and make their way to Shigaraki. Everyone retreats to avoid impact, with an explosion that can be seen even from Japan.

A hole is being made in the ocean, the sea has receded, but Shigaraki comes out full force and soars into the sky as he regenerates from his wounds. What was hit before was not the real Shigaraki but the exploding Nomu and this causes the loss of the air formation protecting the stars. Shigaraki Stars comes and puts a hand on her face on the last page of My Hero Academia 332. Below are some pictures from the chapter.

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