The incredible air battle between Japan and the United States of America is drawing to a close, but what will the end result be? In Chapter 331 of My Hero Academia, Star and Stripe is finally showing all the power that America's number one is capable of. However, this may not be enough to stop shigaraki.

The threat from All For One and Tomura Shigaraki it no longer only affects Japanese society, but has become global. The first to step in and bypass the rules imposed by the international community is Star and Stripe, the number one American heroine who returns to All Might.

Intercepted by Shigaraki before it could even reach Japanese soil, Star and Stripe are now demonstrating real American power. But his final blow may not be strong enough to take down the heir to All For One, whose ultimate goal is to steal Quirk: New Order.

Star and Stripe realizes that Shigaraki's threat should be erased without wasting time, as the boy seems to strengthen himself with every passing minute, releasing all of his reserves and unleashing what we could classify as his the final blow.

By using the capabilities of the New order, the woman sets a new condition: the air around her must be in the form of a gigantic copy that is 1000 times as large. Shigaraki, who cannot see this copy, is hit with tremendous force, but at this point the American heroine puts her combo into action.

It combines the laser beams fired by the jets around them, creating a spear of energy that is captured by the copy of the air and used to impale the villain. This train, called United Hypermax Output Laser, Keraunos, and comparable to Endeavor's Prominence Burn, is not enough. Star and Stripe's intent is to take their time for an ICBM to arrive from the U.S. base.

Finally, we leave you the My Hero Academia 311 summary and the My Hero Academia 332 release date and theories.

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