My hero academy shows us why All For One wants the Stars and Stripes so badly, with a full demonstration of the power of the American heroine. Before making his official debut on the series, All for one he had already stated how much he wanted the flagship heroin freak for his grand scheme.

By the time he was preparing to expand his influence around the world, he had already extolled this particular quirk and declared that the the war would essentially have been won if he had owned it.

When the stars and stripes started colliding Tomura Shigaraki In the last chapter we began to understand why its quirk that New order, turns out to be completely groundbreaking for the fate of the world. The latter allows her to change reality by simply touching something and saying his name.

More specifically, we saw the consequences of this incredible power in the last chapter. AND' it is just devastating to see it in full power, and who knows how dangerous it could be, along with all the powers Shigaraki and All For One already possess.

Chapter 331 of My Hero Academia reveals Stars and Stripes' intentions: She becomes much more aggressive towards the New Order and considers Shigaraki too much of a threat to keep them alive. Shigaraki seems to have figured out how it works quickly the power of heroin, but still wants to test its limits.

What is making itself felt, however, is the part of All For One that lives within him, that keeps stepping out as his burning curiosity begins to reveal how much he wants the power of Stars and Stripes for himself. Understand your limits it also means understanding the full extent of its usefulness.

We finally see a demonstration of the New Order as the heroine folds the air around her. to create a gigantic and almost divine image of yourself in an attempted final attack. This does not bring down Shigaraki, however, but it also shows very well the kind of power that can be achieved with this quirk.

Maybe if it got into the wrong hands All For One could get their hands on that power, it would be very hard to imagine how Midoriya, Make an effort or the other heroes could defeat him. We remind you that Chapter 331 of My Hero Academia is available on Manga Plus.

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