The war with the Supernatural Liberation Front changed everything. The aftermath of this battle changed not only the society of the heroes, but also the personalities of some characters. Just like Deku, in My Hero Academia 328 even Detective Tsukauchi seems to have landed in an abyss of darkness.

Although not a professional hero, the clash with the villains was strong Effects also on Naomasa Tsukauchi, the cop who has a very close relationship with All Might. In the latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's work, the detective who has returned from the crime scene after a long absence actually appears very different from the calm and clean person we knew.

The war arc has devastating effects: the society of heroes has lost credibility and numerous heroes have died or left the profession. But worse, criminals all over Japan made it Escape from prisons where they were locked up. It is therefore evident that the police have been working hard to restore order across the country.

In the course of My Hero Academia 328 we see a Detective Tsukauchi with the Dark circles, disheveled and unkempt beard, a symptom that he has not slept for days and his person is no longer healing. Although it is not known whether he has a quirk or not, the policeman gives everything for him fend off this crime wave.

However, his efforts lead him there dark place where Midoriya had landed. Just like Tsukauchi, Dark Deku had stopped eating, sleeping and washing. Will the detective escape or will he end up like Izuku? Finally, we leave you to My Hero Academia 329 spoilers.

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