My Hero Academia 314's early spoilers had expected a chapter full of revelations, and luckily, expectations weren't neglected. The latest version of the manga by Horikoshi, now available for free on MangaPlus. allowed fans to immerse themselves in Lady Nagant's pastand revealed his real motivations.

Chapter 314 begins with Izuku Midoriya and Lady Nagant floating in mid-air. The villain suffered a severe blow due to the unexpected use of Fa Jin, the quirk of the third owner of One for All, who enabled Deku to escape and catch her in the air. Lady Nagant uses her quirk to spawn the rifle from her right arm. and uses the butt of the gun to hit Deku and drive him off.

The protagonist asks the woman for an explanation and Nagant reveals her sad past. The antagonist has always been a killer, just for many years worked in the service of the Hero's Public Safety Commissionand consequently all the criminals and corrupt heroes he killed did not appear in official documents. Society has always thought of living in a world of roses, but Nagant reveals that people like her used to get their hands dirty behind the scenes, killing hundreds of people at night and smiling in public during the day.

Deku listens in shock to the statements of the woman, who continues her story by claiming she lost control while meeting a small group of elementary school students. When the students asked for a handshake Nagant was showing signs of post-stress disorder- -traumaticShe saw herself covered in blood and slowly lost the light of reason. Nagant then decided to ask the head of the Public Security Commission for an explanation, but realizing that nothing would change, she decided to kill her superior and flee, only to be captured and imprisoned in Tartarus .

Deku, repelled by Nagant's attacks from afar, still decides not to give up, and catapults himself towards them at full speed with Black Whip. Before I hit her though She sees Overhaul yelling at her to quickly close the matterand in surprise he turns to him.

And what do you think about it Will this distraction mean the end of the battle for Deku? Or will the hero triumph? Let us know your predictions in the comments! In the meantime, we remind you that My Hero Academia will return on Sunday June 6th at 6:00 p.m. with Chapter 315, always on MangaPlus.

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