As he has repeatedly shown over the course of My hero academiaKohei Horikoshi is able to satisfy fans' curiosity by including characters who were initially mysterious but always got interesting, both from the original developments and from the expectations fans have of these characters.

In fact, after the release of Chapter 294, it will pull the content on My Hero Academia impressive visibility on social networks like Twitter and Tumblr, and that's because at the center of the images and posts are interesting details about the character of Mr. Compress who, as expected by the spoilers, will play an important role when he takes on Spinner and Shigaraki.

The fact that at the end of the chapter Mr. Compress appears to be revealing his true identity by exposing himselfleft many fans by surprise and excited, and this rumor has made the series one of the most searched hashtags. Although such a development is plausible, There are currently no images to confirm this kind of what readers were hoping for, and of course Shonen Jump won't reveal anything until the chapter in question is published.

As we know Mr. Compress is the grandson of one of the most terrible bad guys The story of My Hero Academia or Ouji Harima and showing his true face would make this story even more immersive, also taking into account Dabi's revelations. Recall that some tables of chapter 294 leaked the web and we leave it to the protagonists' reactions to the names of Bakugo's heroes.

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