The final chapters of My Hero Academia didn't even leave readers with breathing space. There were many unforeseen events like the Gigantomachy escape and the unveiling of Dabi, but also a long-awaited return of fans. But My Hero Academia 292 definitely not take your breath away.

Best Jeanist After using his power at the end of My Hero Academia 291, he managed to imprison the entire Union of Villain, including the giant Gigantomachy. Apparently after the giant had come to his master, no further orders had been received. But Shigaraki passed out and although Spinner tries to wake him up by screaming, there is no effect.

Meanwhile, Nejire Hado rushes straight at Spinner, but a sudden flame envelops him and burns him. The power came from Dabi and this was activated thanks to Shigaraki's abilities. The villain orders Gigantomachy to go wild as the fibers begin to break and Best Jeanist begins to lose control.

Meanwhile Dabi is free and on fireas he rushes to his younger brother. The two begin fighting while Burnin and the other heroes deal with the Nomu on the other side of the battlefield. But four of them flee to Shigaraki. Deku does not get up and unexpected help comes in the last few moments. Lemillion's anger comes from the ground: Mirio Togata returns to the game with his own quirk.

My Hero Academia returns on Weekly Shonen Jump next week with covers and color pages to celebrate the third feature film.

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