The responsibility of being a hero is a very heavy burden, a duty that requires you to risk your life to protect others. Kohei Horikoshi gives it all in the latest saga of My hero academiaand offers sensational twists and turns and breathtaking fights.

With Easer Head out of the game, whose future as a Pro Hero is now very uncertain, even the students are set in motion Stop Shigaraki. The latter are actually free to use their powers, although they have reached their limits. However, Deku stood between him and total destruction and decided to risk his life 100% with the One for All. After all, the protagonist himself is aware that his quirk was specially born to stop his nemesis, the All for One, and he cannot evade his responsibility.

The weakening of Tomurawhich slowed the extent of regeneration further convinced Midoriya to give everything against the powerful opponent, even at the cost of great sacrifices. After Deku dealt a fatal blow to Shigaraki, he announces his decision: he will do everything in his power to stop All for One. at any cost and regardless of what might happen to him.

Could Horikoshi have predicted major consequences for Deku? It is hard to imagine that the protagonist could die, but it cannot be ruled out that he could emerge from the fight at serious disadvantage. And you instead what do you think? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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