My Hero Academia 282 spoilers have been around for a few days. Following the recent events, fans are increasingly thirsting for information and information about how this battle between heroes and villains will continue. With the publication of the chapter on MangaPlus Let's find out what to expect for Deku and the others.

in the My Hero Academia 282Deku still has Shigaraki under control with the Black Whip. In the meantime, he is preparing 100% for an attack with the One for All, but it is blocked by the bad guy with his teeth. Meanwhile, Shigaraki manages to throw the ball in the direction of Aizawa and hit him in the leg, despite being almost completely tied up and blocked.

In a scene that hit fans of My Hero Academia, Aizawa thinks of Eri and then takes a knife to cut his leg and then stop the anti-quirk serum from spreading. Although he saved himself from this attack, the professor is still threatened when Shigaraki manages to free himself and rushes towards him with all his might. The villain's fingers hit Eraserhead's face, but at the last second, Todoroki's ice cream pushes Shigaraki away once he's in place.

Seize this moment Deku returns to the game with the Black Whip and One for All in combination to deal a violent blow to the belly of the enemy, who nevertheless remains standing. Meanwhile, not far away, the other heroes of 1-A receive a notification of the arrival of Gigantomachy. The monster is Speed ​​towards Shigaraki and it might be up to this other group of young people to stop it for good.

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