Ms. Marvel: announced the comic series finale, all the details

Ms. Marvel is a face that is becoming more and more notorious among superhero fans, but in the world of Marvel comics we have arrived at the moment of greetings. Issue 18 # appears and will be the last in the series.

Even those who didn't chase all the heroes baked from Marvel Comics He has now met Kamala Khan, also known as Mrs Marvel. The young heroine is indeed one of the faces used (and used) in the recent Marvel's Avengers video game that was talked about extensively in our review.

However, for anyone who likes the adventures of Mrs. Marvel on the The regular newspaper is approaching the time for greetings. As mentioned earlier, the number 18 # will actually be the last Kamala Khan sees as the lead actress. However, this does not mean that we will no longer see the superhero in a comic book. In fact, Ms. Marvel is also featured on the pages of "Champions "written by Eve L. Ewing.

The success in the gaming world also gave Disney the impetus to bring Ms. Marvel to the small screen. In fact, Kamala also becomes part of the MCU and more precisely thanks to a new live-action series that will be released on Disney + and of which she will be the protagonist. For more information on the TV series, see the article about Ms. Marvel on Disney +.

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