Surprisingly, the feature film was presented to the world during the Netflix Festival Japan 2021 Mobile Suit Gundam Live Action. Let's find out the first few details about this juicy project announced through a concept drawing that sent the fandom into a frenzy.

The big protagonist of the Netflix event, which unveiled dozens of new animes to be added to the catalog, was the live action of Mobile Suit Gundam. This project is directed by Mary Parent, Cale Boyter, who previously worked on the PokΓ©mon Detective Pikachu movie, and Naohiroshi Ogata, a trio that works for the Sunrise Studios and Legendary Pictures.

From what it turned out, the idea of ​​a live-action film based on the franchise came to life when it cameo in Pacific Rim: Uprising the Gundam Unicorn. From that moment on, discussions began between Sunrise and Legendary Pictures about a possible film adaptation, a Project that is about to take shape thanks to Netflix.

No official trailer or frame of the live-action Mobile Suit Gundam has been released yet, except for a great one Concept art which you can admire at the end of the article. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is executive producer and director, responsible for Kong: Skull Island, while the script is entrusted to comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan.

What do you think of this film adaptation? For good news, there is other bad news. The five Gundam cafes in Japan will be closed in 2022. Finally, we leave you to the announcement of the anime series Gundam: The Witch From Mercury.

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