Although the rights of Conan the Barbarian only returned to Marvel in 2019, the Cimmerian hero is preparing for it Leave the universe of the House of Ideas: Marvel has actually announced that it hasn't reached an agreement with Heroic Signatures, the company that owns the character's intellectual property.

Created by writer Robert Ervin Howard in 1932, Conan the Barbarian has been the protagonist of numerous short stories that have produced him one of the most popular heroes of the time. He was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in three live-action films in the 1980s, followed by a 2011 reboot starring Jason Momoa (read our review of Conan the Barbarian here).

Between the '70s and '90s, Marvel Comics handled publishing of the character's comics and returned ownership of the license in 2019 after about 10 years managing Dark Horse. With the rights back in the hands of Heroic Signatures, the company's intentions appear to be those of Publish Conan's comic adventures in the first-person perspective.

"We've had a wonderful run with Marvel Comics, but ultimately decided not to renew their license beyond the end of this year"Heroic Signatures CEO Fred Malmberg to ComicBook mics."Conan has an editorial history of over 50 years of comic publishing. We have chosen to do the job ourselves, not just for Conan but for all other characters and IPs that we control. The release schedule starts next year, but the details are not yet finalized".

Conan the Barbarian had already been chosen by Marvel as the protagonist of the new Savage Avengers series, which releases will begin this week in the United States. In light of recent events, it's clear that Marvel needs to change its plans by finding a way to do this Delete the character from the header by the end of the year.

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