The editorial office Kadokawa revealed that the musical unit DIALOG+ will be responsible for interpreting the ending theme for the anime adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Nene Yukimori, Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai (Kubo won't let me be invisible), with the single titled "Kasuka from Tashikaβ€œ. The press release was accompanied by a new promotional image and confirms this The series maintains its scheduled premiere date of January 2023 in Japan.

Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai

Yukimori began publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly jump from the publisher shueisha in October 2019. The author also wrote the manga Ningen ni Koi shita Oni wa Warau in the magazine Comic Ruelle between August 2016 and December 2018.

voice output

  • Kana Hanazawa as Nagisa Kubo.
  • kengo kawanishi as Shiraishi board member.
  • Miku Itu as Akina Kubo.
  • Sora Amiya as Saki Kubo.

production team

  • Kazuomi Koga (Kanojo, Okarishimasu, Ganbare Douki-chan, Ame-iro Cocoa: Rainy Color and Youkoso!) is responsible for directing the anime at the studios pine jam.
  • Yuya Takahashi (Donten ni Warau, selection project, luck & logic) is responsible for writing and supervising the screenplays.
  • Yoshiko Saito (Comic Girls, Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation, A Certain Magical Index III) is responsible for character design and animation direction.

Summary of Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai

High school student Junta Shiraishi has a simple goal: to have a fulfilling youth. However, achieving this goal seems to be more difficult than he thought, since everyone around him often fails to notice him due to his lack of presence. In fact, Shiraishi's lack of presence is so severe that people believe her seat in class is always empty and mistakenly assume that she often skips class. There's even a strange rumor going around the class that those who manage to see Shiraishi will be blessed with good luck that day.

So far, the only person aware of his existence is Nagisa Kubo, the girl sitting next to him. Unfortunately, however, Kubo likes to tease him on a daily basis, often putting him in unprecedented and distressing situations. However, as Kubo's antics continue to involve the reluctant Shiraishi, he may soon find that his youth may not be as boring as he originally thought.

Font: Weird Natalie

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