The Doujin Circle is identified via its official Twitter account C2 Kikan, one of the intellectual property owners of the franchise Kantai Collection, confirmed that they are working on releasing new information about the second season of the anime adaptation of the game Kantai Collection for next fall-winter.

The franchise began with the launch of a free browser card game developed by Kadokawa games and distributed by The game launched in Japan in April 2013 and had three million registered users in just two years. This helped adapt the episode to a variety of different media, including a studio-produced twelve-episode anime adaptation. Diomedea, Headed by Keizou Kusakawa and scripts written by Jukki Hanada, published January 2015.

In fact, the production of this second season was announced more than five years ago in the final episode of the first season, which aired on March 26, 2015. An animated film with the title was later released Gekijou ban: Kancolle was released in Japanese theaters on November 26, 2016. After all, this second season officially bears the title Kantai Collection: KanColle Zoku-hen.

Kantai Collection Synopsis

Since the seas are constantly threatened by the enemy "Nether Fleet", a special naval base is set up to deal specifically with them. Instead of standard naval weapons, however, the base is equipped with the "Kanmusu", girls who harbor the ghosts of the most famous Japanese warships.

Fubuki, a young destroyer-type Kanmusu, joins the base as a new recruit. Unfortunately, despite her inexperience and shyness, she is assigned to the famous third party of torpedoes and is quickly sent into the heat of battle. When the little rookie warship is saved from annihilation, it chooses to become as strong as the person who saved their life.

Source: Official Twitter account

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