The stylish return of Gege Akutami with Chapter 153 of Jujutsu Kaisen brought interesting news to the world of Yuji and his companions. In fact, the protagonists learn of the existence of an underground fighting club organized by a student from Jujutsu High, which they turn to in view of the dangerous culling game tournament.

After short but bloody, chapter 152 In which Maki took his wild revenge on the family, the recent appointment with Akutami's work proved equally important in the preparation of Yuji and Megumi. The two protagonists actually learned of the existence of a fighting club run by Kinji Hakari, a third year student who is suspended from the Institute of Occult Arts and who is often praised by Satoru Gojo and Yuta Okkotsu for strength and fighting skills.

Given the rules of evil Kenjaku, the Culling Game promises to be a series of intense and bloody battles. an immense confrontation in which dozens, if not hundreds, of people will lose their lives. And there doesn't seem to be much missing. Right before entering a fight at Hakari's fight club, Yuji and Megumi discuss the remaining time to prepare.

While Megumi expressed her concern about the deadline of Participation of his sister Tsumiki in the "game", Yuji looks at his cell phone and says that there are exactly nine days left before the tournament starts. Will the two succeed in recruiting the mysterious Hakari from their ranks? The answer will likely come Chapter 154, available Monday, August 9, 2021 in Manga Plus.

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