Fans of Jojo's bizarre adventure are preparing for a 2021 full of yo-yo events, most notably the anticipated release of the sixth season of the anime, which Stone Ocean will adapt. The yo-yo saga is in the spotlight right now for a different reason.

On Twitter a post about an episode that took place in the eighth part of the manga, Jojolion or the death of a very important person.

The animated series is all about the whimsical adventures of the Joestar bloodline A spin-off with Mangaka Rohan Kishibe is also on the way. The series So spoke Rohan Kishibe will adapt the manga of the same name by master Araki and tell the adventures of master Rohan. The series will arrive on Netflix!

Twitter user Tomokoseph shared a spoiler image from Jojolion chapter 104who will see the death of one of the most popular characters in the series. This sudden turn makes us think that we may be nearing the end.

For those unfamiliar with Araki's latest work, Jojolion tells the story of a joestar from an alternate reality in the same universe as Steel ball barrel, the seventh series. Josuke Higashikata enters the scene with no memory of what happened before his arrival in the city of MoriohHe was involved in fights between classes and relied on the strength of his class Soft & wet. It may be years before you can see this part in an animated version, but it will be worth it!

Jojolion's Manga now reaches 100!

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