The ending of Jojo: Stone Ocean opened the door to a new universe for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which has been going on for many years now. With Steel Ball Run and Jojolion archived, it's time to stage the ninth part of the story, with subtitles for now jojolands by Hirohiko Araki.

The mangaka has been on hiatus since completing the eighth installment in 2021, and there are currently no signs of an immediate recovery. However, the author himself talks about his next story. After revealing that he wants to draw Jojo forever, Hirohiko Araki talks about Jojolands.

That Jojolands' protagonist will be a descendant of Joseph Joestar, so there will be some kind of connection to the past, since Joseph is the protagonist of the second part Battle Tendency and has reappeared several times in the following sagas, albeit always in the form of the old universe. It will therefore be necessary to understand what the mangaka has in mind.

While waiting for Jojolands to resume, Araki also revealed that he has gods Plans for Also Spoke Rohan Kishibe, the spin-off comic dedicated to the famous mangaka that appeared in the fourth part that will therefore continue. Unfortunately, there is no further information and it seems that no concrete news will be communicated until 2023.

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