The return of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean With the second part of the anime now available on Netflix, it has not been well received by many viewers who did not hesitate to show various problems and important absences after waiting more than eight months from the release of the first part of the Jolyne story.

Criticism of poor production management in creating such a large series and dividing it into such widely spaced releases initially turned into disappointment for the translations of some names of booths based on the Music group names and which were not respected for legal reasons, and as a result the lack of an element from the second part of the anime.

Given the productive time Many viewers took a new opening theme for granted which ushered in the new episodes instead stayed the same with only a few additions and changes in the final seconds. A decision that caused complaints, as you can see from the post at the bottom of the page, but according to some it is now Part of David Production's production scheduleconsidering the first opening of Jojo: Vento Aureo, the same for more than twenty episodes.

Tell us what you think about the topic in the comments. Finally we leave you the hypotheses on the total number of episodes of Jojo: Stone Ocean.

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