Before the introduction of the stands, the world of the series Jojo's bizarre adventure revolved around the technique of concentric waves capable of counteracting the supernatural abilities guaranteed by the stone mask, an artifact found in a distant era by Kars, the leader of the Men of the Pillar, protagonists of a disruptive transition, was built.

Originally, the Joestar family appeared in the second part of the misfortunes Men of the PillarAfter being awakened by the Nazis, they turned out to be incredibly powerful and dangerous antagonists. Joseph tried to hinder the search for that precious gem that would give them further poweras well as the ability to survive sunlight.

Over the years the men of the pillar have been the focus of numerous pictures in which they looked completely ridiculous, especially for their clothes, and recently user Value_Pure showed a disturbing and at the same time comical representation. Fusion of the mole Pokémon Dugtrio and the muscular design of the Battle Tendency antagonists. The enthusiast had also made a video to heighten the surprise effect of the beautiful figure, which was immediately removed by some Reddit moderators. However, below you will find some pictures of the product in question in which they can be seen the onomatopoeic properties of Araki's work.

Recall that voice actor Maurizio Merluzzo remembered Jojo's origins and that the official Instagram account for Stone Ocean was opened.

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