As expected for several months, the series will Darkhold Alpha, published by Marvel Comics, will bring important changes to the vast comic book universe of the House of Ideas, and with the first volume the first, questionable changes also appeared in the design of some characters, for a start Ironman.

The name Darkhold refers to an old tome, the book of the damnedthat many of you will also know from his quotes and appearances on the television series Agents of SHIELD and WandaVision. The artifact in question was created by the ancient god Chthon as a bond of evil and dark spells. The Darkhold Alpha series traces and rewrites, the origins of Chthon and Scarlet Witch's association with the Darkhold itself.

Through a dream, Wanda learns that the book is currently in the hands of Victor Von Doom and that Chthon's return is near. After Wanda tries unsuccessfully to confront Doctor Doom, Wanda decides to restore the Darkhold defenders, form a group of superheroes consisting of: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wasp, Black Bolt and Blade. As they prepare to fight the villain, everyone involved reads the Darkhold and is corroded by its magic.

From this event came the new Iron Man armor that you can see in the pictures at the bottom of the news. The cover of the first volume by Darkhold: Iron Man, will be released in December. To conclude, let's leave you with the new Marvel Comics franchise that will revolutionize the House of Ideas.

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