In the world of anime, many prominent roles are devoted to male characters. But there are some female characters who stand out and are voiced in Italy by fat voices like Emanuela Pacotto and Debora Magnaghi. Today we present another iconic voice actress, Ilaria Latini.

Daughter of the arts and winner of multiple awards for her career in the world of dubbing, Ilaria Latini has been busy in both cinema and television series, as well as anime and cartoons. Let's go to the discovery of five major roles in Ilaria Latini's career in the world of anime in Italy.

  • With the Capricciosa Orange Road we go a long way back in time. In the dubbing of Dynamic Italia from the 90s, Ilaria Latini gives the young woman the voice Manami Kasuga, younger sister of the protagonist;
  • In the future we have instead Ai Amano from Video Girl Ai, the historical protagonist who escaped television and will have several nice and romantic conversations with Yota Moteuchi.
  • His most important and well-known role is certainly that of Asuka Soryu Langley. The lively and moody girl from Neon Genesis Evangelion has her voice for the duration of the TV series and the various films between Death & Rebirth, The End of Evangelion and Rebuilds.
  • We then switch to another lead role with Escaflownes I Cieli. In the anime broadcast in Italy in the early 2000s, Ilaria Latini gave Hitomi Kanzaki the vote.
  • Another role that fans will remember is that in Digimon Adventure 1 and Digimon Adventure 02. Here played the young Kari KamiyaTai's younger sister.

During his career, he has also forged permanent partnerships with several actresses including Katie Holmes, Amy Adams, Haley Atwell and many others. What was your favorite role on Ilaria Latini?

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