The exhibition dedicated to Yoshihiro Togashi, the mangaka who has had two major hits during his comic career as Yu of the Ghosts and , is coming soon Hunter X Hunter, the latter still in progress. And it is precisely on Hunter x Hunter that the Sensei is at work at the moment.

for several weeks, Togashi informs his audience daily, showing pages from his latest storyboards and revealing various production details. The mangaka is therefore actually working on Hunter x Hunter after a break of several years due to physical problems of various kinds. At the moment, production is progressing on several fronts.

On the one hand there are Togashi's assistants who take care of coloring, applying grids, drawing backgrounds and refining the chapters from 391 to 400. On the other hand, there is the mangaka who is diligently working on creating the storyboards of chapters 401 to 410 of Hunter x Hunter. But beyond that today Togashi revealed that he completed Chapter 401 and that therefore 9 chapters are missing in this new cycle of 10, but he additionally designs a cover.

It is not known if this is the cover of the volume that will contain chapters 391 to 400 or if it is a drawing the illustration that will then appear on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump to celebrate his return. In any case, it will still be a few months before we see the actual release of the manga in Shonen magazine.

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