After summarizing the Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ants saga, today we go to the summary of the Saga of the election of the new president, which spans from chapters 319 to 339 of Togashi's manga. We had left with Meruem's death due to a poison released by the bomb activated by Netero, President of the Hunter Association.

However, upon activation of the bomb NETERO He had to sacrifice himself and left the position of President of the Hunter Association vacant. Elections are therefore said to be managed entirely by the zodiaca group of 12 highly qualified hunters, to which he also belongs gin. However, differences between them immediately arise regarding the methods used to elect the president.

In the meantime, Killua returns home to his sister alluka try to save gon, who had lost an arm in a fight with Neferpito. The girl has incredible power to grant wishes against certain conditions, which has always scared the entire Zoldyck family. hearing his brother's will, Enlighten to ask for help Hisokafearing that Alluka's request to heal Gon could be the life of Zoldyck's family members.

Killua, Gon, and Alluka are constantly escorted by the rest of the Zoldyck family, but Hisoka, in a surprise attack of sorts, manages to kill the butler gotoh. Despite this, Alluka ultimately saves Gon's life. At the same time, Leorio He has a debate with Gin, for which he delivers a smashing punch, which sees him running for president of the Hunter Association.

Another presidential candidate Teradein, then issues an arrest warrant for Illumi and Hisoka, but they manage to kill him. After various political strategies, Leorio arrives and the final stages of the elections Pariston Hill, former vice president of the Hunter Association. However, when Leorio learns of Gon's recovery, he decides to retire, leaving the presidency to Pariston, who, to everyone's astonishment, hands it over to him Cheadle.

After the choice, Gon and Gin have a meeting that the protagonist leads to Hunter X Hunter to go from Kaito, reborn as a child chimera ant. Meanwhile, Killua decides to travel with his sister Alluka to protect her from Illumi, who covets her power.

This concludes the saga of the election of the new Hunter x Hunter president, which will also be the final airing of the anime in the series. Our round-up of Hunter x Hunter sagas stops here, waiting for the new chapter written by the master Yoshihiro Togashi. Remember that Hunter x Hunter 396 release date is set Sunday 27 November.

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