THE Back pain that afflicted Yoshihiro Togashi, and with it the release of Hunter x Hunter, appears to have been fixed, at least temporarily. In fact, it is not yet clear in the coming months when and for how much the manga will be published again on Weekly Shonen Jump.

Togashi's Twitter debut was met with acclaim, leading to the mangaka being the most followed on Twitter. In response, he posts a page each day to show his progress. From some published pictures one can try to infer something giving birth Hunter x Hunter spoiler theories.

According to the mangaka, he is currently working on Hunter x Hunter 397 as he is missing four storyboards to reach the fateful 10 chapters prepared for publication. So from the next paragraph we could talk about that Hunter x Hunter 397 spoilersSo avoid reading if you don't want any progress.

As you can see in the photos from the tweets below, some trees are drawn. What does that mean? The ship that Kurapika and the candidates for the throne are on is said to have no such environments. This may mean that the scenario changes: Either they all arrive on the wrong dark continent, or you can temporarily return to Gon or Killua, which are in a forest.

All of this, unless the ability of one of the characters on the ship is not able to create a dense forest, perhaps to prepare it as a battlefield. and you What do you think will happen in the next chapters of Hunter x Hunter??

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