Hunter x Hunter is an example of future Shonen.  Let’s find out why

For a mangaka who wants to make a successful shonen Hunter X Hunter it should definitely be seen as a source of inspiration. Yoshihiro Togashi's work is a real model for future generations; Let's find out the reasons.

Hunter x Hunter changed me forever Shonen basic criteria of a battleThanks to the subversive storytelling, original cast, and unique fighting style. Future work must begin in the premises marked by Togashi's work in order to be successful. But why is Hunter x Hunter so important to this genre? Let's find out together.

The first factor that sets Hunter x Hunter apart from the rest of the Shonen is his magical system, serve. Although there was no detailed explanation up to the Arch of the Arena of Heaven, this particular energy allows multiple uses and is divided into four categories: Ten, Ren, Zetsu, and Hatsu. However, each of these categories is broken down into different specializations. For example, those of improvement can improve physical skills, while those of transformation allow you to change their characteristics.

In Hunter x Hunter there is then uniquely characterized antagonists. In search of ecstasy, Hisoka's goal is only to compete with very strong fighters. Hisoka is an unpredictable character, but with a well-defined code of ethics. Basically, he's not the classic chaotic being ready to destroy the world, just an experienced fighter looking for new challenges.

Not only the opponents, but also the cast of the supporting characters is excellent. The plot of Hunter x Hunter indeed, it doesn't just focus on the protagonists. For example, Gon and Killua are absent until the second half of the Yorknew City Arc and aren't even involved in the manga's most recent arc. This allowed Togashi to create a much more interesting narrative. Gon and Killua are not the center of the Labor Universe, which can thus explore the psyche and events of the rest of the cast. If it had never stopped, the Hunter x Hunter manga would now have several more chapters. Hunter x Hunter may be back in the next few weeks.

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