Crime families have held their own for the past ten chapters. Yoshihiro Togashi broke the river in connection with the war of extermination between the princes of Kakin and decided to concentrate Hunter X Hunter in search of the Heil-Ly family, with a short bracket devoted to the Ghost Brigade's past.

Now, however, it is time to change the situation again. Hunter x Hunter 400 begins the Phantom Brigade again, with Phinks and Feitan reuniting with Nobunaga. The samurai joins them within ten minutes and together they try to understand the situation that has arisen between the three Kakin mafia families. Not only that, because by moving they can understand that the enemy's lair is on the second level.

We then go back to the basic situation. Kacho meets Melody and informs her of what happened after she and Fugetsu tried to jump overboard using the special lifeboat, and also informs her of his death. Melody is obviously shocked by what happened, but Kacho urges her to get over it. So a plan begins to be hatched, including to get information about the other princes who wanted to summon Melody after her musical performance.

Meanwhile, Kacho makes sure Fugetsu is okay, but his twin sister appears to be in the clutches of some being. In fact, in addition to a development of her power, Fugetsu is very pale and tired and surrounded by black shadows. In the chapter finale Kurapika is coming back too preparing to sanction a pact with the fifth prince Tubeppa. Hunter x Hunter is taking a hiatus with Chapter 400, with future episodes being pushed to a later date.

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