Chapter 391 of Hunter X Hunter marked Togashi's return to the WSJ after a nearly four-year hiatus. A long time, which left open some questions introduced during the succession dispute, notably the interest that the Kakin Empire's most powerful families have in an old acquaintance.

Beginning with Chapter 349 and featuring an action-packed debut featuring the incredible clash between Chrollo Lucifer and Hisoka, the story arc led to the introduction of the Principles of Kakin, her bodyguards, including Kurapika, and members of three mafia families. As the princes begin to familiarize themselves with their Nen skills and train their subordinates to ensure their safety during the competition, Hinrigh Biganduffno, deputy head of the Xi-Yu family, searches for a dangerous assassin who is targeting himself appears to be on board the Black Whale. .

Following Hinrigh's orders, Zakuro Custard and Lynch Fullbokko are scouring the entire ship in search of Hisoka and using the manipulative skills Zakuro has on his blood, but they're not the only ones interested in intercepting the hunter given his impressive skills that undoubtedly make him one of the deadliest characters make in the series. What do you think about it? believe that Will Togashi bring Hisoka back to action anytime soon? We await your opinion in the comments.

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