From meeting when they were teenagers to the more recent events of Elfhelm's reign, Gatsu and Caska shared moments of happiness and deep sadness when they were very young. But exactly How old is Kaska? We try to respond to this by also proposing a more comprehensive analysis of the female protagonist of berserk.

Born and raised in a small mountain village, at the age of twelve, Caska was sent to work as a maid by her parents in the castle of a local nobleman. However, the aristocrat has other intentions, and luckily the girl is rescued by a knight: Grifis. This meeting will mark the beginning of the complicity between the two, and when three years later, Gatsu will join the Hawk teamwill she prove that she has become a skilled swordsman, guided by a deep loyalty to Grifis.

Another three years pass before Gatsu decides to leave the team to articulate his goals well and then return the following year along with his teammates. This information combined with the fact that Gatsu and Caska are the same age, allow us to precisely define that the girl was 19 years old before and during the eclipse. To continue with the various time jumps, Caska is instead 21 years old when, after escaping, she is accompanied by the protagonist and then rescued by a group of prostitutes.

Coming to the final events, which will surely take place a few months later, We can assume that Caska is now 22 years old. According to what is reported in the Berserk Official Guide Book, which is considered a rather dubious source for the inaccuracies regarding certain details, Caska would have lived to be 24 years old.

Finally we remind you that Kouji Mori and Studio Gaga will have a long break before the release of Chapter 371 of Berserk and we let you discover the meaning behind the victim sign.

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