The history of Hunter X Hunter started over twenty years ago, but its characters haven't shown that much in proportion as the mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi has been forced to pause his work for a number of years, leaving a lot of time between one chapter block and the other. Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus for two years.

And we haven't seen the protagonist yet Gon Freecss, the character who was the linchpin of all Hunter x Hunter adventures right up until the last saga. We saw him at work, when he became a hunter, in York Shin City and Greed Island, and finally in the sensational battles against the ants. But how long has it been from the start and how old is Gon now?

At the beginning of Hunter x Hunter, Gon was 11 years old. He was therefore a child like Killua, while Kurapika and Leorio were much older. How the time flies, Gon turns 12 in volume 21 of the manga and maintains this age throughout the Arc of Greed Island, the Arc of the Ants, and the Arc of Election of the President of the Hunter Association.

But a lot of time goes by during this final saga and up to the current Hunter x Hunter arc. Indeed, the world goes on and on Gon could be 13 or even 14, depending on the character's date of birth. This latest information remains speculation, however, as the Togashi manga has not yet confirmed Gon's age in these latest stories.

In the meantime, a fan has worked hard to stage a video that summarizes the story of Gon and his companions.

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