The story of the seven deadly sins will end in the animated format after the manga format ends. In fact, the debut of The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgment, the fifth and final season of the story, is slated for January. We'll be reviewing the main characters like Meliodas, Elizabeth, Hawk and of course, too Prohibition.

The latter was one of the first knights to return to the seven deadly sins. Man is endowed with special abilities, even if his main weapon is undoubtedly immortality. Because of the sacred water he drank in his day, his body is stuck in a youthful state. But How old is Ban I agree?

His encounter with Elaine, and consequently with the miraculous water that gave him immortality, took place when Ban was 23 years old. So we could say that Ban is around 23 years old forever. If we instead look at the time he has spent in the world since he was born, things have changed since then At the beginning of the story of The Seven Deadly Sins Ban is around 43 years old.

But with the latest events, Ban would become a millennial being. In fact, he spent a very long time in purgatory, where a minute equals a year in the real world. In this case, there is no precise data on how much time has passed, although the estimates seem to suggest it an age for Ban of more than 1100 years.

Really a long time, even if that's not the manga's longest-lived essence. But he's certainly older than Escanor.

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