That from The attack of the giants, a manga created by Hajime Isayama and then also became anime thanks to first WIT Studio and then Studio MAPPA, is a very special world. The story takes place in this imaginary context, where humans are constantly threatened by giant creatures called "giants", cruel and merciless.

Over time, the mangaka has given various information about the world surrounding the protagonists Eren, Mikasa and Armin. In the beginning, surrounded by walls and hordes of giants, it was not possible to understand much of what was outside, but the story has since expanded. At the beginning, the language of The Attack of the Giants was revealed, while later the first maps arrived from around the world that helped Eren and his soldiers plan the bloody massacre that is now taking shape in the anime.

Then it became clear what the world of Attack on Titan looks like, which is based on our world but inverted on both the horizontal and vertical axes, with a centrality around the African continent, seat of the Marley Empire, and with the island of Madagascar seems like a paradise. However, a real map never existed, so one fan decided to create his own.

Headchunky posted a photo with it on Reddit Attack on Titan world map based on all available information. However, as these are few, the map is still largely made up, with names and locations of towns and villages being placed to fill in. However, cities and places are mentioned, such as Lago e Monte, the kingdom of Marley and its extent, but also the important sites of Fort Salta and Acrifa.

With this card the user tried it Imagine how much territory was covered by the march of the colossal giants slaughtering everyone now, the roar of the earth. The map is certainly well done despite not being canon, but for this one we just have to hope that Hajime Isayama prepares his own world with his own hand.

Approximate Map of the Rumble in the West, 854
by u/chunky-- in ShingekiNoKyojin

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