Try to answer the question "How strong is Saitama?", The protagonist of One hit manIt is sheer madness. Not so much because the author wants to imply that there is no one better than him, but mainly because there is no comparator of the same order of magnitude. However, ONE did not fail to add some information.

After 136 chapters of One Punch Man, there is still no man who can really get into trouble Saitama. Indeed, the protagonist is so strong that he would risk turning the whole earth upside down if he tried harder than he should. But if you believe that the yardstick by which the strength of the legendary "Hobby Hero" is measured is only our planet, then you know that you are wrong and very wrong too. To explain how fast and powerful Saitama really is, the writers think directly and what we have seen of his abilities so far.

During the fight with Boros the hero "Peeled cloak"managed to get back from the moon to earth in a jiffy. If you fail to realize the extraordinary nature of the fact, Saitama managed to mock about 384,000 km at an impressive rate. at least close to that of light (not equal or superior, so as not to violate a physical law). As for his raw strength, we know that the protagonist will be forced to hold back as he would risk causing harm not only to his planet but also to the solar system itself. ONEThe screenwriter stated that if Saitama hit with maximum force, he would generate a lot of energy comparable to twice the strength of the big bang. Yes, the same phenomenon that created the universe.

And therefore any confrontation between Saitama and other characters, even from a sphere other than One Punch Man, is indeed pointless. And you, what do you think instead of the powers of the legendary hero? Let us know with a comment below.

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