Monkey Punch created a visual language behind his famous masterpiece, Lupine III, so fascinating and complex that it is often not easy to understand whether the story is over or not. In reality, the fate of work is rooted in an unwritten future that is still in the works today.

In more than 50 years we have seen the many faces of the gentleman thief, but never the real one. Indeed, Lupine III - return to the origins ended with a sensational twist, that is the legendary Lupine, who discovers his true face in front of Fujiko in a passionate gesture of love and violates chapter 33 of the manual. "The art of theft"Passed on from generation to generation by his family.

In any case, the anime has since reinterpreted that scene as well Monkey strikeHe had revealed this twist in a chapter of his masterpiece, albeit in a completely different context. How exactly does the story end?

The same author gave an answer in the past when he openly stated that the story of Lupine III can never really end. And if it ends one day, then it would end up on a par with Zenigata and Lupine. Both together would fail or win or age to death.

However, given the path of the anime, which is often different from the manga, it cannot be ruled out that the television series steers the story towards something original. maybe one day with "part 6" since that of the gentleman thief, as Monkey Punch implied, It's a never-ending story.

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