That Hideo Kojima was an avid cinephile is certainly not new, but that he was also passionate about anime, it certainly is. The legendary game designer, to whom we owe the Metal Gear saga or the recent Death Stranding, has publicly praised Purple Evergarden. He burst into tears after the vision.

For the creation of his masterpieces, the former Konami game designer, now head of the Kojima Productions studio, studies the film industry with great care. In fact, it's no secret that his metal gear was inspired by John Carpenter's 1997 film: Escape from New York. His next video game project, however, could be Take inspiration from an anime movie, Violet Immergarten.

In fact, Hideo Kojima publicly stated on his Twitter profile that he was delighted to see the exciting anime from Kyoto Animation, and it did so during the final scenes he cried too.

Kojima revealed that earlier he had never seen Violet Evergarden before, neither on TV nor in the cinema, and that he only became aware of it through an advertisement for the film that recently landed in the Netflix catalog.

The film, which is based on the hit light novel by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase, tells the story of Violet, a woman of mysterious origin who died after participating in a violent war works as a ghostwriter for people who need to express their true feelings through letters.

Apparently Kojima must have caught himself identified with this adventure. Just like Violet, he was also a letter writer, although by his own admission he has not written one for at least ten years. And you, were you moved by the vision of Violet Evergarden: The Movie?

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