Via the official animation studio website Studio 4 ° was announced that the drama novel by Kanako Nishi, Gyokou no Nikuko-sanis being adapted to an anime feature film that is scheduled to premiere in Japanese cinemas next summer.

Production team

  • Ayumu Watanabe ((Space brothers) will direct the film in the studios Studio 4 ° C..
  • Satomi Ooshima ((Hataraki man) is responsible for writing the scripts.
  • Kenichi Konishi ((Kaijuu not a Kodomo) will be responsible for the character design.

Synopsis of Gyokou no Nikuko-san

The story revolves around a mother named Nikuko and her son Kikuko. Both live on the same boat due to different circumstances. Daily life under this umbrella will lead them to live different types of problems and experiences that will help them grow as a family.

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