The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic requires the use of masks to prevent the infection from spreading. If you want to fight the coronavirus in style, some very special themed masks have arrived Gundam mobile suit.

If originally viewed only as an uncomfortable and anti-aesthetic object, the masks have become real in the course of 2020 Modern fashion symbol. Over the months, more and more models have been developed that are suitable for both sporty looks and more elegant occasions. Obviously, masks have been developed for everyday use that can reflect any passion: from soccer to video games to anime.

The Bandai Premium Online Merchandiser has developed two different sets Chara mask from Mobile Suit Gundam inspired by the style of the Zeon Army and the Earth Federation. These masks are essential to visit the giant gundam that can move.

The first movement, the "Chara Custom Version", pays homage to the pilot Char Aznable with a mask depicting the face of his mobile suit Zaku. In the second variant of this set, however, his name and personal insignia are engraved.

The second set, "Delivered to Zabi's House," is by two senior military commanders from Zeon, the Brothers Gihren and Garma Zabi. The family coat of arms, which is colored with the respective uniforms, is engraved on the mask.

The masks have an ergonomic shape suitable for all faces, as well as comfortable ear ties. The inner surface is made of 100% cotton and the internal filter helps counter the spread of the virus and reduce odors. Each set of masks costs 1,650 yen (approximately $ 15) and can be purchased through the Premium Bandai online store. Delivery is scheduled for February. While an artist waits to receive the masks, he has created an incredible gundam diorama.

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