Through its official website, the Japanese publisher Shogakukan reported the incredible numbers obtained from Calvary 13. The late Takao Saito’s manga series, the oldest still in serialization, has reached a circulation of over 300 million copies.

Almost a year after mangaka Takao Saito’s shock departure, his creature breaks an incredible record. As revealed by Shogakukan, Golgo 13 currently has one a total of over 300 million copies in circulation.

The race for Golgo 13 starts in far away 1968, the year it was first published in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Magazine. Saito’s series holds the Guinness World Record for the manga with the most volumes ever published with 205 tankobons released on July 5, 2022. To this incredible statistic we now add the 300 million copies in circulation.

The mangaka’s death in September 2021 didn’t stop Golgo 13. Prior to his disappearance, Saito specifically asked for his creature to continue. The group of artists Saito Production is continuing the mangaand the Golgo 13 manga spin-off comes out on September 30. Gunsmith Dave, tells the adventures of the protagonist Dave, one of the few people Duke Togo trusts.

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