Posted on the official Twitter account for the anime adaptation of the light novels by Shinaraki and illustrated by aruya, GJ-bu (The Good Job Club) a special video has been released to commemorate that on January 9, 2023, ten years have passed since the series premiered in Japan. Additionally, The production announced that a special anniversary event will be held next spring.Could there be an important announcement coming for the franchise?

Shinaraki Y aruya began publishing the light novels through the publishing label Gagaga Bunko from shogakukan in March 2010 and finished it in March 2012 with a total of nine volumes. That was followed GJ-bu Chuutoubu (The Good Job Club: Junior High School), an eight-volume spin-off novel published between April 2012 and January 2014.

The anime adaptation went hand in hand with the studios Doga KoboLed by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara and screenplays written by Hideaki Koyasu. The series premiered in the 2013 winter season with a total of twelve episodes and an OVA released in May 2014.

Summary of GJ-bu

School clubs often advertise their activities, but what happens at the GJ Club is a mystery. Kyouya "Kyoro" Shinomiya recently joined, becoming the only male member of the five-man club. Besides Kyoro, there's Mao Amatsuka, the club president, who tends to bite Kyoro when he gets angry or shy; Megumi Amatsuka, Mao's quiet little sister who always makes tea and desserts for the club members; Shion Sumeragi, a reserved chess prodigy; and Kirara Bernstein, a meat lover with a strong feline personality. All four girls are interested in Kyoro. With the girls' quirky and likeable personalities, Kyoro's stay in GJ-bu never gets boring, for better or for worse.

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