Giorgio Vanni: the five best Italian acronyms between Pokémon, Naruto and Dragon Ball

In the news of the 10 best Italian acronyms from Saturday, July 18th, we had explored the world of prepared Italian anime songs, but excluded the known ones Giorgio Vanni. In fact, the singer has borrowed a lot from the anime world and deserved a deepening.

Between working with the other legendary cartoon singer Cristina d'Avena and solo songs, Giorgio Vanni has an endless catalog of prepared melodies. He participated in Dragon Ball, Naruto, ONE PIECE to name some of the most famous titles of all time, but also many others that have remained legendary in the world of anime in Italy. We see 5 legendary songs by Giorgio Vanni.

  • Let's start with Dragon Ball. Vanni has given his voice to the acronyms of all souls dedicated to this world, but we will only choose one. And the choice is striking "What is my fate Dragon Ball", the legendary theme of Dragon Ball Z.
  • Among the souls that aired on Mediaset in the 2000s is Yu-Gi-Oh, the story of a card player who naturally started with Giorgio Vanni's themes. Yu-Gi-Oh, that's your name, full of English sentences that alternate with the Italian text.
  • In the mid-2000s, anime historian Naruto came to Mediaset, which is still being worked on with Naruto: Shippuden. But we'll stop at the first series and its theme song. "I believe in myself", a subject that differs a little from the others of Giorgio Vanni and, unlike many others, does not contain any English sentences in the text.
  • Giorgio Vanni's "tunz tunz" also opens the theme song for Pokémon, the first hard and bursting TV series that is still impressed in the minds of many fans today. Despite other acronyms that have been prepared for subsequent series, it is Get them all from this Vanni acronym will remain in history.
  • We close with the initials "Hello Lupine", dedicated to the legendary gentleman thief and also visited by Cristina d'Avena. The abbreviation for Lupine III has been used since 2003 and replaces Planet O.

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