The anime's official Twitter account Gintama, taken from the manga of the same name, has published new information on some new special episodes. Let's go into more detail.

The series written by Hideaki Sorachi ended in June 2019 after 16 years of publication on the pages of Shonen Jump. The last animated version instead ended in 2018 and a film called Gintama: The Final Movie is currently expected, the trailer of which we can see on January 8, 2021. In the meantime, we're learning that Anime-related projects won't end with the above-mentioned feature film, however, a new special from Gintama is expected.

Previously, the staff had provided the work with a clip in which the release date of the new episode was announced January 15, 2021. It is currently announced via Twitter that the event will consist of 2 new episodesThe second of these will be available from January 20th.

In the tweet reported at the end of this message, we discover the poster shows the protagonists of the Handyman Agency, Gintoki, Kaguya and Shinpaci; and Shinsengumi, Isao, Toushirou and Sougo. Before the six floating in space, we can also identify the new title: Gintama: The semifinals.

Are you satisfied with this announcement? Will you see these episodes Let us know in the comments.

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