The studies twenty years ago sunrise You premiered the series Gear Fighter Dendoh, a mecha anime in which two second-class boys control a robot to stop an alien threat. Now, thanks to a 20-year anniversary project from Sunrise, fans can relive the excitement of this premiere.

The company will re-release the series on its official YouTube channel for a limited time. The first episode will be available between July 20 and August 19 this year. However, it has not been confirmed whether it will be blocked for regions outside of Japan.

In addition, the publisher Yatate Bunko will participate in this project. The publisher who has published sequels in a novel form for series like Mashin hero Wataru and GaoGaiGar, is now promoting new Gear Fighter Dendoh content through the original production team. At the beginning they will start an interview with the director of the series. Mitsuo Fukuda and the producer Naotake Furusato.

Finally gamers for the smartphone game Super Robot Wars X-Ξ© You will be able to enjoy a special event that will include Dendoh and Oger this year. This is the first time the series has been part of this franchise since 2005 when a side story of Gear Fighter Dendoh was added to the series. Super Robot Wars MX.

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